www.angwaal.com, is a flagship venture of Angwal Digital Media Company, a unique web portal providing a comprehensive representation of people of Uttrakhand covering State''s diverse dimensions of Sociopolitical life, rich natural and cultural heritage in their own language.


  1.  Articles are not coming in Google News.
  2.  Low present in local search.
  3.  Low traffic on website.
  4.  No Ads on website by Adsence.
  5.  No Referral traffic. 
  6.  Low Presence on Social media platforms and no traffic from there .


When we first analyzed the website,and found website is well designed but not well optimized for SEO,URL structure of website not managed and keywords not putted well.Apart from URL and Keywords website have lots of technical error which makes poor impact on google.Team Occsic understand News website SEO is bit deterrent from basic SEO. So we have used our proven techniques to improve Angwaal traffic and its revenue by Adsence. 

Few things which done by our #Digital experts to improve Angwaal #SEO score.

  • First we have updated all sitemap files in dynamic so google can get all news articles on time and give them instant caching.
  • We Submitted website for google news for review and successfully submitted in google news after our this efforts Angwaals articles started coming in google news. 
  • Optimized on-page SEO elements and improved content for all the target landing pages.
  • Worked with the Development team to improve page speed of all the target landing pages.
  • Created needed categories for articles.
  • With content team we have fixed SEO related errors which done by them.
  • Provide latest trends to content team so they write perfect content which gives us real time traffic.


We’ve achieved #Google news ranking in only 2 months.Fixed all errors and submitted Sitemap files in dynamic format so Article stated caching by google in couple of minutes. After our efforts traffic of website increased and Angwaal started getting local ads and adsence ads also. 

0.06% CTR

35% less CPA

410% ROI

From The Client

The Outcome of my website was so much more than I expected.You can see you take pride in your work.I loved working with a person who feels as passionate about his work as i do about mine.Thanks team Occsic for everything you done for Angwaal News.

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